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    publish hangs after some time

    Ran Kornfeld Newbie

      I am running a clustered standalone server with 2 nodes and using  a JMS based client (no app server, no JEE).


      On my client I am using a blocking queue for publishing test messages, with 3 consumers that waiting for messages on the quere and publish them to a single topic. Wach consumer has his own session and connection.


      The topic publisher is non durable, non persistent and using AUTO_ACK.


      What I am seeing is that after a while, the publish() method just hangs and stops sending messages. After reset all the messages begin to be sent again.


      I am looking at the logs (configured to FINE) but I dont see anything that looks related to the problem.



      Any ideas what I might look at? any way to monitor the queues without a GUI (no jconsole there..)? config option?