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    Transactional cache with 5.1 upgrade

    Sudheer Krishna Novice

      We have recently upgraded to 5.1 and since we heavily use transactions, we have used teh techniqueue as explained in teh documentation for back ward compatibility. (that is make all caches tarnactional).


      We have made this change because, it was very difficult for us to to go to each cache and check if it has to work transactionally or not.  Hence i was interested to know if am lossing any performance benefit of upgrade by just making all caches transactional.



      Also most of my caches and populated in the begining(server startup) , and used(read only) in many business use cases whihc are transactional. Whihc means that most of my caches are just read inside a transaction , and this also forces me to make my cache transactional.  Is my understanding right here OR only caches which are written transtcionally needs to be declared transactional ?