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    How can I be sure that module dependencies are linked completely in manifest files?

    Josh Nakatabe Newbie

      I started deploying an ear file to my new JBoss 7.1 and the log showed me no errors. However, when I run through some of the methods I found myself ending up in a hell of missing dependencies. Adding some of them to the manifest helped me for the first shot, but:


      How can I be sure that all dependencies are generally available at JBoss 7.1 and als appropriately marked as dependencies throughout the jars of my ear?


      I use Eclipse Indigo plus latest JBoss Tools for development - packaging my ear files with Eclipse/Ant (no Maven). I have a bunch of User Libs referring to the libs within Jboss modules, so that the compiler doesn't give me any complaints. However, these settings don't seem to be taken over to the ears i.e. manifests.


      Any hint?


      Thanks in advance.