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    Open Source Production Database (Hypersonic or ? )

    krypton Novice

      Hi All,

      I just wanted to get your opinions and/or experiences.

      I plan to deploy a site early next year. Assuming I am going for a clustered architecture whereby I will start off with 2 instances of jboss on the same box {may or may not be integerated with tomcat/jetty}, or possibly apache and 1 instance of hypersonic.

      So i may use something like

      1) Apache ------ > tomcat/jboss ---------> hypersonic
      |-----------> tomcat/jboss

      2) jetty/tomcat/jboss -------------------> hypersonic

      Has anybody had experience of hypersonic in production and encountered any performance problems ? What about locking issues with respect to 2 jboss instances sharing this data source ? I don't know much about postgres but I assume it supports FOR UPDATE and so maybe this is an alternative ? As you can guess I am trying to avoid licensing costs as the site will not generate much/any revenue.

      Thanks for any info !