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    select return type

    Viet Master


      I have an ejbSelect on a bean that does not
      return the right type.

      Instead of returning Local interface, the method return the Bean.

      thank you

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          krypton Novice

          Hello ..

          I am assuming you are using 3.0 { as you referred to local interface }. Can you include your xml config files and if you have any code implementation ?

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            Viet Master

            In fact the problem is not what I said but something wrong still occurs.

            I have coded an ejbSelect in a Bean A that should returns instances of a Bean B which are in a cmr field of Bean A.

            so, select should return instance of Bean B but in fact it returns instances of Bean A.

            in bean A there is that query :
            SELECT OBJECT(b) FROM BeanB AS b WHERE b.beanA = ?1

            objects returned by select implements only BeanA local
            interface (so when I try to cast to BeanA there is
            a problem, that is why I said that it was instance
            of bean instead of local that was given to me by select method)

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              Dain Sundstrom Master

              This is weird. Can you develop a small test case and post a bug report at source forge?

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                Viet Master

                ok, I will try to find the bug again and post it.