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    Non-default ports binding

    Stevo Slavic Newbie

      Hello JBoss Tools community,


      In JBoss 6.1 bindings-jboss-beans.xml I have configured ServiceBindingManagementObject to use Ports01Bindings so that both JBoss 6.0 and JBoss 6.1 can run in parallel. But when deploying apps on JBoss 6.1, they start but JBoss Tools thinks that server didn't start because it's using default port to check.


      Unchecking "Automatically detect" and configuring manually the ports value works, but isn't as elegant as if JBoss Tools was able to use same configuration JBoss AS was given.


      Is there a more elegant way to configure JBoss Tools in Eclipse to use same settings as JBoss AS?

      Did anyone manage to define flexible XPath expression for auto-detection?

      Can something be done in JBoss Tools to improve this?


      I'm using latest, M5 JBoss Tools and Eclipse Indigo SR2.


      Kind regards,