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    Expand WAR or EAR files in jBoss AS 7 in deploy process

    Gonçalo Cardoso Newbie

      I'm deploying a WebService project into a jBoss AS7, and everything goes OK except that jBoss doesn't expand my WAR or EAR file.

      Already tried copying the file to the "jboss-as-7.1.0.Final\standalone\deployments" folder and using the WebConsole, but in both cases the result was the same.

      If I deploy from within Eclipse everything runs OK.

      I need it to expand my file because in the application initialization I scan the class directories looking for the correct class to instantiate using reflection.

      As a simple test I added a System.out with the execution path


      and it returns the following path


      witch doesn't exist. So I did a search for the class name and fount it at


      Isn't it possible to force JBoss to extract the files to the deployment folder? Or how can I get the previous path at run time?


      Thanks in advance