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    JBoss 7.1.0 Final / RuntimeExceptions in the EJB container are logged even if they are successfully caught in the Web container.

    Avor Nadal Newbie



      I've built a simple EAR file for test purposes, compossed by one EJB application (a JAR file) and one Web application (a WAR file). The EAR application contains one Stateless Session Bean whose only method throws a java.lang.RuntimeException on purpose. It doesn't contain anything else.


      I retrieve this bean from the Web application (either from a JSP file or from a simple class in ./WEB-INF/classes/ ), and call such bean method inside of a "try" structure which catches any kind of java.lang.Exception. The exception is caught succesffuly, but the EJB container seems to log the javax.ejb.EJBException as if it hadn't been caught.


      My question is: Is this the right behaviour in the new JBoss AS? If so, Why is it different from the way in which it worked in JBoss AS 5/6?


      Thank you.