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    Using VisualVM with JBoss AS 7

    Peter Fry Newbie

      I tried to use VisualVM with JBoss AS 7.1 Final and the basic jvm monitoring works fine (not very surprising).


      The problem arises on the sampler tab as none of the sample options ('CPU', 'Memory' etc.) are available and reason given is


      CPU sampling:

      Not available. Failed to create JMX connection to target application. Use 'Add JMX Connection' action to attach to the application.


      The only problem here is that the classpath isn't setup for JBoss AS 7.1  so you can't use the JBoss specific jmx service protocol.


      Is there any intention to add a JBoss AS 7.1 enabled version of the jvisualvm executable in the same way as there is a JBoss AS 7.1 version of the jconsole executable?