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    How to get ProcessIntance in a Different Thread

    Manikanta PT Newbie


        I am new to JBPM I have following issues please help me

      Once we start a ProcessInstance by

      ProcessInstance processInstance = ksession.startProcess("com.sample.test");

      I want to get the same process instance in a different thread to do something like this

      ksession.signalEvent("Yes", "YesValue",processInstanceId);

      1) How can I achieve that ?

      a) I tried  ksession.startProcessInstance(processInstance.getId());

          which is returning different "processInstance".

      b) I tried    Process process = ksession.getKnowledgeBase().getProcess("com.sample.test");

         but this is not giving ProcessInstance


      2) What is the relation between Process and ProcessInstance.

      3) I tried to persist in in postgres with com.sample.ProcessMain .

         loadStatefulKnowledgeSession needs a Transaction Manager which class needs to be set here ?

      4) Also for Standalone run  I need InitalContext to bind Datasource how can I achieve that ?

      5) How to use inbox  and how i put my workflow items in inbox

      6) Is there any other API to get items which are in workflow

      7) Also need location of  JavaDocs for org.jbpm