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    CMP Oddity

    Jesse Tilly Newbie

      I normally don't like to post stupid questions, but this problem is kicking me in the butt...

      I have an CMP entity EJB. In jaws.xml I have the following:



      organization_id = {0}

      When this EJB is deployed, the log shows me this:
      <2001-12-06 12:26:25,943> [JAWS] Initializing JAWS plugin for Business
      <2001-12-06 12:26:25,943> [JAWS] Loading standardjaws.xml : file:/C:/JBoss-2.4.3_Jetty-3.1.3-1/jboss/conf/jetty/standardjaws.xml
      <2001-12-06 12:26:25,983> [JAWS] jar:file:/C:/JBoss-2.4.3_Jetty-3.1.3-1/jboss/tmp/deploy/Default/pms.ear/ejb1010.jar!/META-INF/jaws.xml found. Overriding defaults
      <2001-12-06 12:26:25,983> [JAWS] Init SQL: CREATE TABLE HTCRM_ORGANIZATION_MASTER (business_name VARCHAR(255),description VARCHAR(255),ivID NUMBER(19))
      <2001-12-06 12:26:25,983> [JAWS] Destroy SQL: DROP TABLE HTCRM_ORGANIZATION_MASTER
      <2001-12-06 12:26:25,983> [JAWS] Exists SQL: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM HTCRM_ORGANIZATION_MASTER WHERE ivID=?
      <2001-12-06 12:26:25,983> [JAWS] findByID SQL: SELECT HTCRM_ORGANIZATION_MASTER.ivID FROM HTCRM_ORGANIZATION_MASTER where organization_id = ?

      Note how it's using ivID and not organization_id. I can't figure out why, in this EJB only (the other CMP beans are working fine), am I getting a problem with how JAWS is generating the SQL. Any ideas?