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    ServletContainerInitializer didn't work correctly as described in servlet 3.0 standard on Jboss 7.1

    Dean Li Newbie

      I'm using SpringServletContainerInitializer of spring 3.1 to make pure java code based configuration.Bu it didn't work corrently.

      As I debugged, I found the function "onStartup(Set<Class<?>> webAppInitializerClasses, ServletContext servletContext)" of SpringServletContainerInitializer  worked fine when my application starting up (standalone model). But the size of "webAppInitializerClasses" set is 0. All these codes works correctly on tomcat 7.

      Is that a bug on jboss or I just need to configure some item in standalone.xml of jboss 7.1?


      Thanks alot for all kindly replys.I'm a little suffered for that~O~