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    Are multiple timer service datasource configurations possible?

    Pasqualino Imbemba Newbie



      I use JBoss6.0.0 Final.


      I understand that the persistence aspect of timer-service can be configured using the JBOSS_HOME/common/deploy/jboss-ejb3-timerservice-mk2.jar/META-INF/persistence.xml file.


      Say I have two EARs, A and B. Both use timers, but have their own datasource definitions. No DefaultDS is defined, Hypersonic is disabled.

      Now we want the relative timers A and B to be persisted into the relative schemas (i.e. datasources). From the persistence.xml I understand there is a persistence-unit defined. I presume we can define more here, which lead to different datasources.

      How can we tell the AS that timers of EAR A need to be tied to (timer) persistence unit A and timers of EAR B need to persist using timer persistence unit B?


      In other words: I'd like timers of application A to end up in its datasource, timers of B into its.


      Thanks for caring.