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    Problem with interceptor on non-EJBs and abstract super classes

    Christian Kölle Newbie

      I have implemented a CDI interceptor as described in http://docs.jboss.org/weld/reference/1.1.0.Final/en-US/html/interceptors.html. These classes are packaged in a non-EJB jar with beans.xml in META-INF. I have also an EJB jar with beans.xml. Both jars are deployed in the same ear. The structure is like this:






      The ear is deployed in a JBoss 7.1 application server.


      I now tried to attach my new annotation in different places. My observation is that the interceptor is working only on methods in concrete classes that are annotated with @Stateless or @Stateful. It's not working on other POJOs.


      Furthermore my EJBs inherit from abstract base classes. Placing the annotation on a method in the base class does not work either.


      I've read a lot of documentation and didn't find a hint that my approach is not valid.


      Any hints?