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    JGroup GMS message output to stdout

    Lin Ye Novice

      I upgraded to Infinispan 5.1.1 recently, and I tried the current release 5.1.2 as well. In those versions the JGroups version being used has the following GMS message output to the stdout instead of logging. As we are running Infinispan inside the OSGi, this output makes the console look like hanging although it doesn't really. I am wondering if it's possible that for a JGroups release to move this output to logging, and an Infinispan release to pick it up? It's desirable for us to have it in our next major release to the customers, in the timeline of April. Please let me know if it's possible at all. I'd appreciate the response.


      GMS: address=T00696119-13328, cluster=test-default, physical address=