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    finder definition in jaws.xml

    alpha Newbie

      I am using JBoss-2.4.3.
      My CMP bean works well except the finder which has a table-join query.
      I'm not sure whether I wrote the jaws.xml correctly.

      Could anybody help me?

      Thanks in advance!

      public interface ProjectHome extends EJBHome {
      public Collection findUserProjects (int userID)
      throws RemoteException, FinderException;


      , project_member WHERE project_member.project = projectID AND project_member.app_user={0}


      tables in DB:

      create table project (
      project_id NUMBER(6) not null,
      name VARCHAR2(30) not null,
      note VARCHAR2(500),

      create table project_member (
      project NUMBER(6) not null,
      app_user NUMBER(6) not null,