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    BoxGrinder and OpenStack plugin

    tiradani Newbie



      I know that the OpenStack delivery plugin is only at "technology preview" status, but I decided to try and use it anyway and provide feedback from my experience with it. 


      1) I encountered a 404 error.  This turned out to be invalid urls in openstack-plugin.rb.  I had to remove all instances of "/v1" from the urls.


      2) When overwrite is selected, it looks like the code expects a filtered list of images that match the image name you are trying to upload.  The list that is returned by get_images is *not* filtered.  So, what happened was that it returned *ALL* images and proceeded to delete them.  (Good thing the system I was testing this out on was in a development state and that I know the admins )


      However, once #1 was fixed, and disregarding #2, the post_image worked perfectly.  I was able to upload and register my image.


      The OpenStack install was from the "Cactus" release.  I checked the docs for "Diablo" and the API is the same for that release.


      Hope this helps,


      Anthony Tiradani