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    Jboss clustering in windows on single ip

    akash kusinga Newbie

      Hi All,


      Is it possible to configure jboss cluster in windows on single ip. If yes,


      Can some one please help me.


      I want to configure two nodes


      node1, X ip, multicast address, partition name


      node2, X ip, multicast address, partiton name


      Which files i need to edit.



      Appreciate your help.





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          Raghav VIswanathan Newbie

          Hello Akash,


          I am not sure as to how this setting would help you. But for clustering you need to take care of the following things.


          1. Create two copies of a configuration i.e. create two copies of either all/production/default etc.
          2. You need different ports for each node. (Quite possible by editing Bindingservicebeans.xml under conf\bindingservice.beans\META-INF directory) (Guess the file name is correct)
            1.    In each of the configuration you can edit the port number set by changing the node numbers by selecting either of (default, 01, 02, 03). What happens is to the defalut set of port numbers if you choose 01 then 100 gets added. So your Admin port would be 8180 and not 8080 and  RMI port becomes 1199 and not 1099. Be careful not to edfit the portnumbers directly else they would be difficult to handle.
          3. start the servers now. Hope this should work.


          Do keep an eye on the memory utilization cause you need real good RAM to run both your servers parallely


          in addition while starting up give a name to you cluster with "-g MyCluster". This prevents other JBOSS instances running in your network from participating in your cluster.



          Hope this helps