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    Java EE 6 Galleria: A full stack example


      Similar to the kitchensink example, Vineet Renoylds--a key Arquillian contributor--has put together a full stack Java EE 6 example named Galleria. The best part is that it uses Arquillian all over.


      The Java EE 6-Galleria is a demo application demonstrating the use of JSF 2.0 and JPA 2.0 in a Java EE project using Domain Driven Design. It was written to serve as a showpiece for domain driven design in Java EE 6. The domain model of the application is not anemic, and is constituted of JPA entities. The entities are then used in session EJBs that act as the application layer. JSF facelets are used in the presentation tier, using Mojarra and PrimeFaces. The project seeks to achieve comprehensive coverage through the use of both unit and integration tests, written in JUnit 4. The unit and integration tests for EJBs and the domain model rely on the EJB 3.1 container API. The integration tests for the presentation layer relies on the Arquillian project and its Drone extension (for execution of Selenium tests).


      Galleria Source Code (hosted on BitBucket)


      At the moment it lacks a tutorial. Vineet said he'll be working on it soon, but it could be something that we could help with as it will be a win-win.


      It's also configured to use GlassFish. We can help him fix that bug j/k But it would be good to have multiple container support.