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    How does Seam in JBoss AS 6.1 validate the context-root?

    Ketan Kotwal Newbie

      I am noticing that any EAR deployed in JBoss AS 6.1 does not deploy the WARs within it using the context-root mentioned in the EAR's application.xml. Instead, the context-root mentioned in the WAR's jboss-web.xml is used. However, this happens only when the application.xml & jboss-web.xml both define a context-root.


      Is this a behavior a known behavior in JBoss AS 6.1?


      In JBoss 4.2.3, the value in the application.xml overrides the jboss-web.xml. JBoss AS 6.1 seems to be doing the opposite of that. Is there a configuration in JBoss which decides who overrides who? I want to set my JBoss AS 6.1 to use the application.xml over jboss-web.xml.