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    MessageDrivenContext not being set


      I'm trying to implement a Spring MDB.

      I've tried 2 different ways.  1, extending AbstractJmsMessageDrivenBean, and the other, implementing MessageListener and MessageDrivenBean.  Both approaches provide a setMessageDrivenContext(MessageDrivenContext ctx).

      I'm getting my messages, but setMessageDrivenContext is never invoked.  I've found a related issue https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AS7-1783, but adding the @Resource annotation is not working for me either.


      Spring example: 


      public class RepositoryNotificationListenerBean  extends AbstractJmsMessageDrivenBean {


      public void ejbRemove() throws EJBException { 


      public void setMessageDrivenContext(MessageDrivenContext ctx)
         throws EJBException { 


      protected void onEjbCreate() {

      public void onMessage(Message msg) {
        //do something


      I need access to the context so I can do a rollback if necessary.

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          It seems this is just an issue trying to utilize Spring JMS.  I have confirmed that the @Resource work around does indeed work for an ejb MDB.  Does anyone know if there is some issue with using JBoss AS 7 and Spring JMS?  It doesn't appear that the MDB lifecyle is being completed for a Spring managed MDB.