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    Request API documentation for jBPM 5.2 REST interface

    Márton Steierlein Newbie



      Our company is planning to use jBPM 5.2 in one of our projects and would like to use the available REST interface for interacting with running process intances from a 3rd party application.


      Suppose that the IP address of the server is a loopbak address, the following URL should point to the rest interface of the jbpm console:




      When clicking on the list of resources I think there should be a list of the avaialble REST methods, but there aren't any:




      I would like to know where can I find a comprehensive documentation for interacting with the running process instances through RESTful services. Although I found the annotated classes in grepcode, I think there should be a documentation somewhere describing the various parameters and options.


      Thank you for your time and your help in advance,