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    bpmn2.0jbpm.json is Empty





      I'm new to JBPM, and am trying to set up a working environment.



      I'm using Centos 6, Java SDK 7u3.



      I have tried using the installer, and that was largely successful, I'm now working through component by component.



      I've installed JBoss AS 7.0.2, as 7.1.0 didn't seem to want to play with JBPM.  I guess it is too new.

      I've installed mysql, and deployed drools-guvnor (I believe correctly) against mysql.  I'm using guvnor-distribution-wars-5.3.1.Final-jboss-as-7.0.war.  Context is drools-guvnor

      I've deployed Designer - designer-2.0-jboss7.war - under context designer.



      I created the sample app in Eclipse (the hello world one) and check the BPMN into Guvnor.  All good so far.



      In the Guvnor web UI, I find the BPMN, and try to open it in Designer - I get the "Please wait while loading..." message but nothing more.

      In the page, I get a JavaScript error:

      namespace is undefined

      var splitted = namespace.split("#", 1);

      In the server log I get:

      12:47:10,232 INFO  [com.intalio.web.preprocessing.impl.JbpmPreprocessingUnit] (http-- Successfully deleted file :/opt/jboss/as/jboss_current/standalone/tmp/vfs/tempfffea734628e24ad/designer.war-f2ef12e22fa5851b/stencilsets/bpmn2.0jbpm/bpmn2.0jbpm.json

      12:47:10,232 INFO  [com.intalio.web.preprocessing.impl.JbpmPreprocessingUnit] (http-- Created file:/opt/jboss/as/jboss_current/standalone/tmp/vfs/tempfffea734628e24ad/designer.war-f2ef12e22fa5851b/stencilsets/bpmn2.0jbpm/bpmn2.0jbpm.json



      The generated file bpmn2.0jbpm.json exists, has an appropriate last modified timestamp, but is empty.



      I notice on my server I installed using the installer, this file is populated, and contains namespace information, which is why, I guess, it works there but not on my new server.



      Other things:

      I'm using the default package in Guvnor.

      I have no credentials set - user logging in as guest.



      Other issues with the same symptoms don't seem to apply:

      - I'm using Chrome.

      - I have no special characters in my map.



      Does anyone have any ideas?



      Many thanks