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    resource-adapters transaction-support element meaning

    jleinawe Newbie

      When I configure a resource-adapter and will be using XA, I set the transaction-support to "XATransaction".


          <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:resource-adapters:1.0">




      Does this mean that every connection-definition must be backed by by a connection-definition class that supports XA (in my case JMS, so XAConnectionFactory)?   Or can I have a mix of XA and non-XA connection definitions in a resource-adapter config specifying XATransaction?


      I've noticed that if I specify XATransaction, my connection-defintion must use "<xa-pool>" instead of "<pool>", this gives me pause...


      My use case is an application that uses JMS (through a resource-adapter) deployed on JBoss.   My application uses a mix of XA and non-XA JMS messaging.    So can I bundle XA and non-XA connection-definitions in the same resource-adapter configuration, or do I have to use two separate resource-adapter configurations.  One for the XA and one for the non-XA connection definitions?