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    Configure Oracle datasource

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      I am new to jboss and am trying to get my system running properly. I am running JBoss 5.10 on RHEL5  in a cluster and have an Oracle 11i RAC database. I have searched and not seen this issue in any discussions.


      I have successfully set up oracle-ds.xml and it is connecting properly.  My question is that I want to replace Hypersonic with a different Oracle DB that has been created for this purpose.  In my oracle-ds.xml, I have created a second datasource to replace the Hypersonic with Oracle.  So I have:



           <jndi-name>jdbc/datasource1</jndi-name>         <!--  This is the big Oracle DB  -->

           .... { first Oracle user/pw }



           <jndi-name>DefaultDS</jndi-name>                <!--  This is the minimal Oracle DB to replace Hypersonic  -->

          .....  { second Oracle user/pw  }




      I have removed hsqldb-ds.xml and added /messaging/oracle-persistence-service.xml.


      I do not see any errors in the logs. 


      Is this the correct approach?  Anything I missed?  Should I see entries in this new Oracle table I have to replace Hypersonic?  How do I know it is working.




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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          The DefaultDS will be used for EJB2 CMP (Entity) persistence, JEE timers and JBossMessaging.


          So after starting Server you should have a table TIMERS and several JMS tables.

          You might change the persistence plugin for deploy/ejb2-timer-service.xml from GeneralPurpose to Oracle (example within the file)


          If you have a example for timers and for JMS you might try this, otherwise I would say it will be ok if you don't see errors during startup