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generating web services client codes in .apt_src folder..

Joseph Hwang Novice



I try to develope web services by using jboss 7.0.2 and jbossws-cxf 4.0.2. Deployment is successful. But the problem is generating client codes.

When "src" folder is choosen, client codes are generated like below,


choose_folder_4-1.jpg choose_folder_4.jpg


And when ".apt_src" folder is choosen, client codes are like this :




What i want is generating "clientsample" codes in ".apt_src" folder. But those codes are not generated. In JBoss 5 version "com.aaa.ws", "com.aaa.ws.jaxws" and

"com.aaa.ws.clientsample" package were generated in .apt_src folder.

Is it bug? or do i miss any option? Pls, inform me.


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