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    Process model disappears

    Hunor-Attila Kerekes Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I have a problem with the designer of Drools-Guvnor. I tried different versions (designer-, designer-2.0, designer-2.1 ) but the problem is till the same. When I make a process model (bpmn file) in Eclipse and I add this file to the Guvnor it appears for the first time, but after I a save (it doesn't matter if I am making modifications or not) everything dissapears. This issue is not true when I am uploading a simple process model with a single human task. I am using jboss as 7.0.2 final, apache ant 1.8.2, guvnor 5.3.0 Final, jbpm 5.2.0 final. Usually I am starting the server with the command of ant start.demo.

      Anybody can help me with this problem please? I can't even try if my model is correct or not.


      Kind regards,

      Hunor-Attila Kerekes