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    Server taking too long time to start


      Hi All,


      I have a web application deployed in GateIn 3.1.I have set up portal , page, portlet via xml configuation, and the databse used is the default one, hsqldb

      The issue i am facing is that wheneevr i delete the 'data' folder, (GateIn-3.1.0-GA\server\default\data) and then on starting the server, it is taking very long time. it is taking about 40 mins

      What is the issue , Plz help..

      Thanks in advance..

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          The symptoms sound like you might be setting -Xmx greater than available free physical memory of your machine, which causes disk swapping and everything grinding to a halt.


          I'd try to close all the other applications on the system, killing GateIn JBoss instance, checking free physical memory (not virtual memory but RSS on linux), and setting -Xmx to 200Mb less that that number.


          Also for better memory usage try using 32 bit java even on 64 bit OS.

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            Thanks for the quick reply.

            I have configured the following in Gatein JAVA VM arguments


            -Xms128m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m







            System configuration


            32 bit os Windows 7

            The Ram in my machine is 4 GB(3.18 usable)

            About 2 GB Ram is used.


            Can u suggest the change required in the vm arguments?


            Thanks in advance..

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              It looks like you have plenty or ram available, so the problem is not swapping. You may actually try to increase your -Xmx.


              During startup, when console logging stalls for minutes doing something - try do several CTRL+Break in a row to get consecutive threaddumps that will tell you what code is taking so long. If you didn't say you were using HSQL my next suspect would be database locks. Anyway, by following threads you ultimately get to your culprit ...

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                I found out that the GateIn 3.1, which is slimmed and tuned one, when started by clicking run.bat, takes only 8 min.

                The other thing i said, which was taking 40 min , was started from eclipse(by configuring the server in eclipse) and it was not a slimmed and tuned version.On deleting data folder and restarting takes 8 min, otherwise only less than 2 min.Now, can u suggest a way to decrease the starting time, i mean i want the 8 min to be decreased to as much as possible.Why on delting data foler, it is taking so much time?


                Thank u