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    Memory leak in Ejb Server

    kosana wira praja Newbie

      System Configuration of EJB Server:
      1. IBM Pentium III, 256 MB
      2. Linux Redhat OS,
      3. Application Server JBOSS 2.2.0

      System Configuration of Database Server:
      1. IBM Pentium III, 256 MB
      2. Windows 2000 server,
      3. Oracle 8

      Bean Configuration:
      1. Session type:stateless
      2. transaction type:container

      1. Free Memory leak significant From 186 MB until 70 MB before down, it's
      occured when some clients(4) connect concurrently.
      2. After some clients disconnect, free memory in the server never release so
      when new client connect they will reduce memory from EJB server.
      3. And finnaly server down.

      1. is Container(JBOSS) removing ejb instance in poll automaticaly if loading ejb object decrease?
      is Container(JBOSS) adding ejb instance in poll automaticaly if loading ejb objects increase?
      if yes where do I must setting up the feature?

      2. How to handle this problem?
      I try to remove the ejb objects from client, but failed. Because the callback method ejbRemove()
      in session bean never called.
      I have debugged with adding statement System.out.println("ejbRemove() called") in methode ejbRemove.
      When I executed the client remoteSessionOrder.remove(). The callback method never called so the I never
      get appropriate output= ejbRemove() called.

      Ok, thx for everyone who payed attention for my problems,