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    Possible ServiceInvoker performance issues

    Shankar Ram Newbie



      I need to deploy a JBoss ESB solution that exposes web services and handles a TPS figure of around 500.


      We want to front the ESB with a CXF based web service layer which will invoke the JBoss ESB service internally in response to a external web service call.


      I am skeptical about using a ServiceInvoker based approach to invoking the ESB service since this creates a dependancy on the jUDDI registry.


      I am afraid that the jUDDI registry may not scale and will become an operational bottleneck. We are looking at alternative mechanisms to invoke the ESB service from the CXF layer (may be through a Camel gateway epr)


      Any advice or suggestions on how valid this concern is or how the above problem statement may be solved.




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          Tom Cunningham Master

          Have you taken a look at the webservice_producer quickstart - which uses the HttpGateway and the SOAPProcessor?    It's hard to guess what kind of transactions per second you are going to get based on a description - you should definitely benchmark and see whether the ServiceInvoker/use of jUDDI is going to be an issue and how close to your requirements it will get.

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            Shankar Ram Newbie

            Hi Tom,


            Thanks for your response.


            Just to clarify the requirements a bit -


            1. The solution requires SOAP services to be exposed to north bound systems.


            2. We need to expose web services which support multiple operations in a single WSDL, against the ESB's current support for a single operation per WSDL. This is the key problem we want to solve.


            3. To achieve point 2, we want to expose a CXF based web service layer which will accept the request from the client and forward this to a SOA service. This is the point where using the ServiceInvoker creates a dependacy on jUDDI.


            Can we push the message from the CXF layer into the action pipeline directly without using ServiceInvoker ? The CXF layer and the ESB are colocated in the same VM.