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    AeroGear services and GateIn


      We are adding mobile support to GateIn and we are trying to figure out if AeroGear has any services we can use.


      GateIn is a portal framework with its own UI elements, and but also runs other applications and skins on top. We need to provide services to the portal admin to allow them to determine how to do redirects and mobile skinning.


      The first steps are concentrating on mobile detection and redirection (and we will be moving towards portal skinning and such after).


      Starting of with mobile detection, we have a simple user agent string pattern matching and/or device capability detection (optional, requires a redirect to a page to do the detection so it's not ideal, but gets around some issues with browsers having the same user agent string across various devices).


      Does AeroGear provide any services for things like detecting from the headers if the browser is on a mobile device or not? Or more in-depth browser/device detection?


      We would like to use AeroGear services if available, but I can't really figure out what AeroGear is eventually suppose to be providing services or is suppose to be more educational and example based.

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          AeroGear has mostly been focused on building a community and education and giving examples of innovation so far.


          That being said, if you look at our kitchensink quickstart, we have a good example of how to do mobile detection using a client-side JavaScript library called Modernizr. It does feature detection by doing CSS3 style media queries to check for screen size, rather than parsing a spoofable user agent which is much more reliable.


          Feel free to take a look at that repo and let us know if you have any questions.

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            +1 to what Kris said, and I would add that we plan on developing frameworks to help with mobile security, offline support, data sync, and integration with mobile hybrid technologies like Cordova.