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    Injection points of superclasses not injected when creating an instance of subclass


      My question says quite all, however let me expand a little.


      I recently migrated (due to a stackoverflow in a loop) my old weld 1.0.1 into more recent 1.1.4. I did not go any further in upgrade, since more recent versions' SLF4J seems to conflict with Glassfish 3.1.1 one in  way that really make things ugly (or maybe was it with another component). Anyway.


      I migrated my application, and discovered bugs in my unit tests, which lead me to ask a question on StackOverflow.


      Investigating on that question led me to the conclusion that injection points of my superclasses where not resolved, what i verified using a CDI extension that logged all InjectionPoints of discovered InjectionTargets : they revealed no InjectionPoint for superclass fields of my buisness code, while having one for a unit test I wrote (in the intent of sending its result to you, but it failed).


      So, in what cases could injection point of superclasses not being injected by Weld 1.1.4 ?