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    IE Script error - "Object doesn't support this property or method"

    vignesh mohan Newbie

      Hi All ,


      I m getting this following error in IE 8


        Object doesn't support this property or method  framework.pack.js, line 1755 character 7




      }var L;








      }else{K.fireEvent(L.eventType,L)    - the dev tools is pointing to this line for this error -

      }return Event.extend(L)



      Has any one faced this issue  ?  I m using Tomcat 5.5 and Rich Faces 3.3.1



      Thanks in Advance



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          vignesh mohan Newbie

          Hi Guys ,


          It has been almost an year since some one replied for this Issue .But views have crossed more than 680


          Don know why no solutions or workarounds were posted till date .


          I have made a workaround by not using the IE rendering engine by using Google Chrome frame for IE8


          IE 9 more or less matches the W3C standards and it is little close to WebKit of Google Chrome. So few of the issues that we have faced in IE8 wont come with IE9.


          If you are bound to use IE8 for your customers , better go for Google Chrome Frame . You can google and find the steps to integrate your application to use google chrome frame.


          Please do share if someone has a better solution


          If you have any issues please post back


          Thanks and Regards



          "Posting issues will not complete the cycle , but when u get to a solution please do share"