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    Manage AS 7 through eclipse

    Tanya Ruttenberg Expert

      This is a suggestion -- not a question.


      First a comment:

      I live inside eclipse -- I really love how the tools make it possible to do all development, deployment, maven build, etc. all within the IDE.


      Great job!


      Now what I would like to see is an AS 7 management console within eclipse.   I have tried the management console and I'm not a fan of it. CLI -- kind of complicated -- lots of stuff to type.  I mostly interface with my server configuration using a text editor.


      The most recent thing I wanted to do was take a look at the datasources configured on my server.  I'd really like ot be able to do that without leaving the cozy confines of my IDE.


      Thanks for listening,


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          Max Rydahl Andersen Master

          Short answer:


          Right click on your AS 7 server and select "Show In > Web Management Console" and you now got the console in the web browser inside eclipse


          Longer answer:


          We've focused on development tasks primarily and do not want to reproduce all aspects of the management console since it would be alot duplication of

          efforts which we found could be better done via the work done in management console.


          That said if you try the latest we now expose the "server details" which you can browse and see details in a "raw" form.

          I could definitely see us starting making some read only view of these and provide direct links to the management console UI to reconfigure these - but that is a future work.


          Contributions welcome

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            Tanya Ruttenberg Expert

            Hm, that's sort of cheating :-) but it works for now.  Thanks for the quick reply.


            I would not mind contributing -- but I have no idea how to write an eclipse tool. How would you even start?