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    Influencing Deployment Order

    benabernathy Newbie

      I have a short term task of porting a legacy EAR containing a WAR and a set of EJBs (version 3) from JBoss 4.2.3.GA to 7.1.1.Final. The war contains web services developed using Axis 2. The problem I'm having is the web service code accesses the EJBs (all stateless session beans and entity beans) by doing a JNDI lookup. I was able to modify the lookup to handle the changes between how 4 and 7 register the JNDI names for the beans. The problem I'm now seeing appears to be that the web services are starting up before all of the EJBs are registered. Is it possible to influence the deployment order so that I can be guaranteed the EJBs are all registered before the web services are deployed?


      Any direction/advice would be greatly appreciated.