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    Support for AMQP, JMS 2.0, REST transactions

    qtm Newbie



      I see that AMQP has been postponed (https://issues.jboss.org/browse/HORNETQ-126 ) because of its frequent api changes.Now that version 1.0 is available, will HornetQ support it in the near future?


      HornetQ is based on JMS 1.1. Is 2.0 supported and if not when will it be?


      REST transactions are not recommended, but still, how can I simulate one using the HornetQ REST Api?


      Thanks a lot

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          Justin Bertram Master
          1. I don't believe we've revisted AMQP since it hit 1.0 as we've been busy with other things.  Hopefully we can take another look soon and prioritize it appropriately.  In the mean-time, can you elaborate on your use-case for AMQP?  I assume you plan to interact with other AMQP brokers.  Is that true?  It's always good to have concrete use-cases when trying to prioritize new features.
          2. The JMS 2.0 spec is still in early draft so we've not implemented anything for it yet.
          3. I don't believe there is any support for transactions on any level in HornetQ REST.
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            qtm Newbie

            Hi Justin,


            I don't have a particular use case for AMQP. I'm looking for options for communication - AMQP is one, but also STOMP, and since STOMP is supported, I'll start with it.



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              Craig Skinfill Newbie

              I'm interested in using amqp, not to interact with other brokers but to use amqp clients in different languages all talk to each other.  I realize STOMP can provide this, and we're currently using STOMP to send messages from php and consume via the JMS api.  However, we're starting to see a number of tools we'd like to use/integrate provide hooks to consume messages via amqp, and we either need to switch off of hornetq, bridge hornetq to another amqp broker, or not use these other tools.  I'd prefer to stick with hornetq, but be able to use amqp.