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    Ram Kumar Gupta Newbie

      I am working with jboss 2.4.1 server and Oracle8 database .I had a CMP bean named Customer with following CMP fields

      public Integer customerId;
      public Date since;
      public double balance;
      public String credit;
      public double creditLimit;
      public double ytdPayment;

      The database table descriptin for this CMP bean is

      c_id integer not null,
      c_first char(16),
      c_last char(16),
      c_street1 char(20),
      c_street2 char(20),
      c_city char(20),
      c_state char(2),
      c_country char(10),
      c_zip char(9),
      c_phone char(16),
      c_contact char(25),
      c_since date,
      c_balance numeric(9,2),
      c_credit char(2),
      c_credit_limit numeric(9,2),
      c_ytd_payment numeric(9,2)

      I had jaws.xml file in the following format






      while running the client on this application I am getting the following exception.

      Embedded Exception
      javax.ejb.EJBException: null

      what might be the problem.Here the CMP fields are not
      equal to table columns will this give any problem.
      I will be very thankful if any one help me regarding
      this problem