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    How can I bind an entity bean inside a SFSB to a JSF component in seam?

    Alessandro Montanari Newbie

      Here the explanation: I have a SFSB that looks like this:

      public class EditContentBean implements IEditContent
      private Content content = null;

      ...Getter and setter...

      and I use it into a JSF in this way

      <h:inputText size="100" value="{contentManager.content.title}" />

      where title is a String property of Content (with getter and setter).

      When I display the page everything works (I can the see the right title) but when I submit the form in the JSF (I call a method in the bean that save the content), the new value present into the inputText is not copied inside the content, so I get the old title.

      Is it possible to do this? The display works, so?

      Thanks in advance!


      PS. I read that this is possible in the book "Java Persistence with Hibernate" in the chapter 17 "Introducing JBoss Seam". But it doesn't work!