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    Is it possible to connect virtual-host to particular connector in jbossweb 7?

    Aleš Bregar Newbie



      I want to achieve the following:

      - part of application(eq. separate war) listens on particular port and uses different https scheme (admin)

      - part of application is listening on mixed ssl and non-ssl (client)


      In jboss 4.3 world and apache httpd as front-end we solved that by using mod_jk like:


          JkMountFile conf/adminmap.properties


      and create multiple virtual hosts there and they were mapped to ip/port by that config.



      How can be similar achieved in jbossweb 7 where I have currently decided not to use any apache httpd front-end (nor plain httpd nor mod_cluster). Maybe another question would be if this is really a good idea, but I decided pragmatically by past experience and by reading performance/security datasheets. But another opinion would count and I would be glad to hear if it is still desirable to have apache httpd as front.



      Thank you in advance,