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    Session Timeout when check box clicked

    nkiboti Newbie

      Hi all,


      I have a form where user is provided with a list items to select from.  This activity may take 15 minutes. the system times out the user while doing it and they have to log in again. Web.xml session timeout is set to 30 minutes. I do not want to increase this time because this may bring memory issues. Is there a way to reset the time every time a user clicks on the check box manually???


      Do I need to add any code here to achieve what I want??


      public String checkboxClicked(int groupId, boolean checked) {

              cellGroupTreeNode node =cellTreeUtil.findGroupInTrees(cellGroupTrees, groupId);

              if (node == null) {

                  log.error("Could not find node from groupId.");

                  return null;



              cellGroupTreeNode rootNode = cellGroupTreeNode.getTopNode(node);

              recurseAndCheckChildren(node, rootNode);

              checkDuplicates(node, node, rootNode, node.isChecked());

              return cellTreeUtil.buildJSReturnString(cellGroupTrees);



      Thanks so much!!!!