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    Problem with commandLink and inner tags during rerender

    Ricardo Memoria Novice

      Hi all,


      I'm using Richfaces 3.3.3, with a SEAM2.2.1 app.


      I have the following code:


      <a:commandLink action="#{forecastingView.editBatch(b)}" reRender="batchpnl"

                styleClass="small-link" title="#{messages['form.edit']}">

                <div class="edit-icon" />

                <h:outputText value="#{b.expiryDate}" converter="localeDateConverter" />




      Depending on the situation, when this link is rerendered (through AJAX rerender in another link), the content inside the link is rendered outside, as displayed bellow:


      <a class="small-link" href="#" id="main:j_id335:0:j_id352:0:j_id355" name="main:j_id335:0:j_id352:0:j_id355" onclick="A4J.AJAX.Submit('main',event,{'oncomplete':function(request,event,data){showBatchDlg();},'similarityGroupingId':'main:j_id335:0:j_id352:0:j_id355','parameters':{'main:j_id335:0:j_id352:0:j_id355':'main:j_id335:0:j_id352:0:j_id355'} } );return false;" title="Editar"></a>

      <div class="edit-icon"></div>Jul 1, 2012


      Notice that the content of the link (the commandlink) is rendered outside of the link.


      It seems to be a bug. Does anyone get any workaround or solution for that.