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    Using CMP for a high read-to-update ratio

    Jim Newbie


      I am new to CMP entity beans and was wondering whether they would be a wise choice for the following scenario:

      I'm wanting to persist banner records(tomcat,jboss,postgresql/oracle) i.e. not the banner image itself, just the related info - the data which will be used to select the banner and be updated (impression counter).

      For each read (an impression) there will be an update in the form of a counter being incremented. This means there will be a high read to update ratio and I was wondering whether using CMP would be a suitable way to handle the persistence.

      There will of course be a high turnover in terms of serving banners - depending on the user load which is expected to be quite low to begin with (the time it takes an un-known portal to become well known).

      There will in any case be some logic being executed in the servlet-engine for the correct banner to be selected. This, I am thinking, could then route a request to a cmp bean (directly or via a session facade).

      Thoughts, ideas, alternatives even?