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    History of active process and migration of process instances

    Vinay Bommarati Newbie


      I am running the jbpm5 demo setup. In that I have created a process and a correspoding class to simulate the process and I have been experimenting with the different features of jbpm5


      I have few doubts regarding the usage of history logs, versioning of process and human task server

      1. When ever I am starting a process. Through log I am able to see where that process is active but I am not able to see on which node that process is pending. Using another query we can get that information but it is not available directly. ( The web console shows this information directly. How is it implemented there?)


      2. Suppose at time t1 I have created 3 instances for the process and at time t2 I have changed my process ( This is what I call the version2 of my process) Then again I created 3 more instances. After that will I be able to differentiate between the processes that with version1 and version 2?


      3. In demo setup we are using the h2 in memory database. Does jbpm5 use the same database for human task server? If no which database it uses and if yes/no how can I see the schema of the human task server?