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    Anyone using Oracle 9i OCI driver for Connection Pooling?

    Terry Ray Newbie

      If so, I'm curious about how it is working. I've been using the thin Oracle driver for connection pooling with JBoss 3.0 and it works great. However, I need to use the OCI driver to take advantage of the authentication proxy feature (long story). Is anyone else doing this? I'm concerned that trying to use the OracleOCIConnectionPool classes will hose something up in JBoss connection pooling. Any comments or advice is appreciated. Thanks.


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          David Jencks Master

          Not knowing anything about what Oracle is up to...

          Basically you get a choice of using a Driver implementation or an XADataSource implementation. You can't use a DataSource or ConnectionPoolDataSource implementation.

          If there's a Driver, the examples in the manual should be very close to what you need. If there is a XADataSource, I think you will be the first to make it work. You need to use the jboss-xa.rar as the resource adapter and the JCA:service=ConnectionManagerFactoryLoader,name=MinervaXACMFactory

          You may well also need to use Oracle xid, this is set in the transaction manager mbean in conf/default/jboss-service.xml

          If you get into trouble, ask, and if you succeed please contribute your config to the manual.

          If all Oracle gives you is a ConnectionPoolDataSource I'm not sure how to proceed...

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            Terry Ray Newbie

            Thanks for the feedback David. Yes, Oracle does provide an XADataSource implementation with the OCI driver. But, I'm not sure even this would work the way I want it to. Basically, I'm trying to use the authentication proxy/lightweight session feature that is provided with the OCI driver so I can set up a connection pool using a generic login and then proxy the actual user to the database. Oracle supports this with their OracleOCIConnectionPool class which extends the OracleDataSource class. You can get a proxy connection (passing in the real user) from an instance of the OracleOCIConnectionPool class. However, I don't think this is going to plug into JBoss since I can't find any way to specify that these classes are used for the pooling. But, thanks anyway for the help.