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    Model for service modeller tool

    Gary Brown Master

      Not sure how advanced the work on the service modeller is, but wanted to enquire what type of model will be used with the tool?

      I assume it will not be the JBossESB configuration file (jboss-esb.xml) as this would restrict what could be represented on behalf of other projects.

      Would the Eclipse STP Intermediate Model (IM) be appropriate (assuming the editor is going to be an Eclipse plugin)?

      Any idea when a first cut of such a tool would be available?

      My questions relate to the fact that I need to be able to extract the behaviour of a service from a graph of inter-connected ESB service descriptors. In an initial POC, I used the jboss-esb.xml directly, but this is not an ideal approach - it would be better if validation issues with the ESB configuration could be associated with components in a graphical notation/model.