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    inplaceSelect in an extendedDataTable - too many clicks

    Brendan Healey Master

      I've got an inplaceSelect in a column of an extendedDataTable with a valueChangeListener and a nested ajax

      tag, this on RF 4.2.0.Final. I reload the page and click on the inplaceSelect, and what seems to happen most

      of the time is:


      1st click - the popup appears, then disappears straight away.


      2nd click - the popup appears and remains on screen, I select an option but the valueChangeListener doesn't



      3rd click - it works ok.


      I tried the showcase example earlier, and fairly regularly when you select an option in the first inplaceSelect

      it doesn't show, but again this is intermittent.




      Does anyone have any tricks for getting this working reliably?





      p.s. I'm using a chrome browser but not seeing any js errors.