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    Running embedded MySql in JBoss 7

    otieno Newbie



      I am abit new to JBoss 7 and I am seeking information/hints/tips/ that can point me to the best approach to run embedded thrird party applications such as MySql or OpenDS. A pointer/sample code specific to MySql or OpenDS is highly welcomed, but I would appreciate more about tips on how best to incorporate embedded applications that needs to start automatically before my apps deployed in Jboss 7 kicks-in. I have seen some metion of MBean with older versions of JBoss, though I dont know how to go about it in JBoss 7. I have also considered subsystems as a way of going about it. My thought is that there has too be a recommended way of embedding thrird party applications and someoen in this forum will be of most use to me and the rest. Anyone with hints?


      Much thanks!