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    how to change the look of s:fileupload with javascript

    ethen lee Newbie

      I am using <s:fileupload> tag in a page.

      And i want to change the look of it,so tried it this way:(before this, file upload correctly, everything works fine.)






           function clickFileUpload() {




           function getFilePath() {

                document.getElementById('idCsvPath').value = document.getElementById('submitForm:idCsvFile').value;





      <h:form name="submitForm" id="submitForm">

           <s:fileupload data="#{webDto.fileData}" filename="#{webDto.fileData}" style="visibility:none" id="idCsvFile" />

           <h:commandBUtton type="button" value="Choose File" onclick="clickFileUpload()" />

           <div id="idFilePath"></div>


           <h:commandBUtton type="submit" action="#{testAction.getUploadFile}" value="Submit IT" />



      Now when i click "Choose File" button, i can choose the upload file correctly.

      But when i click "Submit IT" button and debug the testAction, i found the fileData and file name are Null.


      So,i made the button <s:fileupload> visible, then i found that after i choose the file to upload, the FilePath in DIV was changed, however nothing was changed in <s:fileupload> area.


      I have tried all day long but still trapped here, anyone please help me.