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    A question on ConnectionValidator

    ksreen Newbie


                 In remoting3 I don't see the ConnectionValidator class.  In the earlier versions we could use the ConnectionValidator class and addConnectionListner() then the handleConnectionException() would wakeup and say the server is down. What is the equivalent of this in remoting3 and how can my client detect a connection failure on server?




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          Ron Sigal Master

          Hi Kamala,


          As of now, there is no documentation for Remoting 3, other than the code itself.  I'm not involved in Remoting 3, so I don't have the answer.


          If you dig through the code and get an answer, I'm sure other forum readers would be interested.




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            benjamin whole Newbie

            it's 2012 and until now I haven't heard any solution to this query. I myself seek for the answer to this.


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              David Lloyd Master

              Remoting 3 is architectually fundamentally different from previous versions.  Connections are designed to be long-lived and shared and multiplexed with many protocols across one connection; in addition the API structure is substantially different.  Remoting 3 acts in terms of Endpoints.  You create an endpoint, register any local services on it, use it to establish authenticated connections to remote endpoints or to create servers for incoming remote connections.  You then can use connections to open clients for specific services (for example, EJB, JNDI, and JMX are all separate services in JBoss AS 7 but you can access them all over one connection).


              Thus your question doesn't really have meaning in the context of Remoting 3.  Hopefully I'll have some time sometime soon to start developing and publishing some good documentation.

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                ksreen Newbie



                                   Thanks for the responses. I was looking for ConnectionValidator class for getting a notification in my client code when the server side connection drops/goes down for some reason. The client code can after all get a notification if it registers a handler for connection close. The RemoteReadListner class will listen for closed connections and invoke the connection close handler, which will notify the client handler about the connection close.  I got it by going through the JBoss AS code. Please let me know if this is the way to go about getting notifications in remoting3.