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    Question regarding JBoss AS 7  & Infinispan

    rang s Newbie

      Sorry if some of you find this a repeat from Infinispan User forums. I did not get much info there hence posting it here ...


      Basically I am looking for having Infinispan as a remote server (in distributed mode)  which is accessed by AS7+ . Is this possible ?


      I am trying to remove the Infinispan running within the AS7 server instances and trying to have this running in distributed mode on a remote server. Will doing this impact any of the cluster setup. The individual server instances might use Infinispan internally (for HA, cluster, etc) . How can this configuration be done to point it to a remote server.


      (This question is not from the application point of view which are deployed in AS7).



      The link for the thread in Infinispan User forum :-